An agnostic wallet management system

Wallets are at the heart of blockchain and WEB3. As vaults and digital identities, they allow users to store their assets and sign transactions. But when it comes to dealing with thousands of daily transactions awaiting validation, there are some limitations for third-party wallets.

Use your own Metamask to deploy Smart contract or…

You can start building now, using your third-party wallet such as Metamask to deploy smart contracts and pay for gas fees.

… Use your own Key Management System to automate the transaction cycle

When you're ready for production, to manage a high volume of transactions, set up your own key management system to automate and sign transactions securely.

Create new wallets from API

By granting Starton the proper rights regarding your KMS, you will be able to create wallets from code or interface. Wallet management from API allows you to be more flexible and secure regarding your projects.

Starton is not a custodian

Security is a priority. You own your key and assets, everything is encrypted. You can use a KMS or a third-party wallet. Since creating a KMS can be overkill during tests, we provide you with a test wallet to start faster.

Frequently asked questions

Your smart contract, your gas fees. Starton does not handle the payment of gas fees, you manage them. Read more on gas management:

A KMS (Key Management System) is a piece of hardware that keeps private keys safe in the cloud. For example, Amazon Web Services provides a KMS service. A KMS enables you to sign transactions automatically.
When you have a large amount of transactions, validate them manually is not an option. To scale and automate signing process of large volume of transactions, KMS is a secured solution. Read more:

When deploying and interacting with Smart Contracts, you can use a third-party wallet to sign transactions manually. Starton supports Metamask. But if you want to automate transactions, Starton allows you to delegate transactions signing to an AWS Key Management System. Learn more about supported wallet here:

A crypto faucet is a website or application that gives away small amounts of cryptocurrency, usually in exchange for completing simple tasks or captcha puzzles. They are usually used as a way to get small amounts of testnet tokens, to be used on testnet networks.