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Discover our killer features and interact seamlessly with blockchain.


What you can do:

  • Includes 2M CU/month
  • Build on all EVM Testnets
  • 10+ Audited smart contract templates
  • Community Support


For builders developing MVP projects that integrate blockchain.

Starts at


/ Month / Project

Everything in Free plan plus:

  • Includes 10M CU/month
  • Improved rate limit to 100req/min
  • Build on all EVM Mainnets
  • Up to 5 additional seats
  • RPC provider - on demand


Fully integrate blockchain to your projects with the support of our dedicated team.


Everything in Developer plan plus:

  • Custom Volume
  • Up to 10.000 req/min
  • Unlimited seats
  • Technical Consulting
  • 24/7 Dedicated Customer Support
  • Historical data
  • Wallet as a service
  • Side chain & chain explorer
  • Custom EVM chain integration


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We know that your use cases are unique. Beyond what our plans provide, we can create custom plans to fit your needs. Feel free to contact us to craft the perfect plan for you.

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Unleash WEB3 with our Start-up program. Whether you’re early stage or scaling to meet demand, connect with us, and get free resources and best practices to help your start-up grow.

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Frequently askEd questions

What are compute units?

Compute units are a measure of the computing resources used by an operation and are typically used to determine the cost of using computing services. They are based on factors such as CPU time, memory usage, and network traffic. Starton uses compute units to track a project’s resource consumption. This standard unit allows users to easily understand and manage their resource usage.

How are compute units used?

Your compute units are used for specific actions. Find the corresponding list below
CU per smart contract deployed: 750
CU per transaction: 750
CU per read queries: 20CU per watcher events: 20
CU per Gb/days: 5000
CU per file uploaded: 50
CU per watcher created: 1000

How can i change my billing plan?

You can upgrade or cancel your plan in the Billing tab of your application. An upgrade refers to any change in your plan that increases the capacity of your Starton project, such as rate limits, compute units, or users. Your new plan will take effect immediately after upgrading.

What happens if i run out of compute units

If you’re experiencing an increase in volume for your current month, you might run out of compute units, resulting in a project freeze. Your project will resume automatically the following month. However, to avoid project freeze and ensure continuity of production, you can set a strategy allowing your plan to go over your compute unit limits. When allowing extra units to your plan, you can either set a limit for the amount of authorized extra units or allow for unlimited overage. The former option ensures that you have control over the number of extra units being used, while the latter option allows for flexibility and the ability to handle unexpected spikes in usage.