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Benefits of Arbitrum


Discover the scalability and high throughput of the Arbitrum network. With optimistic rollup technology, Arbitrum can process a large number of transactions with significantly reduced costs. Scale your applications without compromising performance.

Full evm equivalence

Leverage the compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine on Arbitrum. Seamlessly transition your existing smart contracts and dApps to the Arbitrum network without any code modifications while you benefit from the robustness of the EVM ecosystem.

Optimized Gas Fees

Lower the cost of your gas fees. On the Arbitrum network, minimal gas costs for transaction execution provide cost-effective solutions which makes it attractive to developers. Plus, by offloading transactions to the Arbitrum network, transactions are deployed in batches so you can handle high volumes of transactions efficiently, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Why we build on Arbitrum

Cost and time optimization

100% success transaction rate

Enhanced Performance

How can I use Starton Arbitrum API?

Quickly deploy smart contracts on Arbitrum

Deploy your smart contracts on the Arbitrum network, either directly from your own application or using our user-friendly no-code interface. Choose from a variety of smart contract templates available in our library or deploy your custom contracts on Arbitrum. Starton provides you with all the necessary tools to kickstart your development journey on the blockchain. Interact with your smart contracts, execute functions, and consult transaction logs for seamless development and troubleshooting.

Frequently askEd questions

What can be built with Starton's Arbitrum API?

Starton's Arbitrum API offers unprecedented scalability, making it suitable for a wide range of projects that require high transaction volumes within short timeframes. Whether you're building gaming applications, DeFi platforms, or supply chain solutions, Arbitrum API can accommodate various use cases and unlock new possibilities.

Does Starton provide APIs for other networks?

Starton is a comprehensive platform that extends its support beyond the Arbitrum API. Starton offers integration and compatibility with a diverse range of 10 other networks. From Layer 1s, such as Ethereum,  Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche to Polygon and Polygon zkEVM, developers can seamlessly connect to multiple networks through Starton. We aim at empowering developers to explore new possibilities and build innovative applications across different blockchain ecosystems.

New to building Web3 apps and unsure where to start?

Starton is dedicated to providing support and guidance to developers who are new to Web3, including those within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Our platform is designed to cater to your specific needs, offering a wide array of resources and tools to assist you at every step of your development journey. Discover the limitless possibilities of building applications on the powerful Arbitrum protocol with Starton. Join us on this exciting adventure and transform your vision into reality with confidence on the Arbitrum network.