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Benefits of building on Polygon

High Throughput and Low Fees

Polygon offers an Ethereum-like environment that’s ideal for building high-throughput, low-fee applications. Whether it’s DeFi platforms, Web3 video games, or NFT marketplaces, you can enjoy faster transactions and lower fees, enhancing the experience for your users.

Ethereum Interoperability

Polygon offers seamless interoperability with Ethereum. Developers can leverage existing Ethereum smart contracts and port their applications to Polygon, providing the best of both worlds.

Strong Developer Support

With its wide-ranging developer support and robust tooling, Polygon is a developer-friendly platform. However, building directly on Polygon can be complex. That's where Starton steps in, simplifying and accelerating the process.

Why BUILD with Starton

Accurate Data

Most Scalable solution

engineering cost savINGS

Frequently askEd questions

What can be built with Starton’s Polygon API?

Polygon is a Layer 2. With Starton, you can build or bridge dapps for your projects ranging from DeFi to Art. Either in gaming or user engagement, Starton Polygon API has proven to be the most complete development framework. Starton also integrated Polygon zkEVM. Read more on the Polygon zkEVM section.

Does Starton provide APIs for other chains?

Interested in building on other blockchains? Starton is natively cross chain, providing APIs for top Layer 1s like Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Avalanche. Discover your options.

New to building Web3 apps and don’t know where to start?

Starton is here to enable anyone to bring forward their vision without the hurdles of taking on all that goes into Web3 building. For those who start building, or just interested in playing around with their ideas, simply create an account on Starton and let our templates and tutorials guide you!