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Frequently askEd questions

Can Starton NFT API be used with the other Starton products?

At Starton, we make sure that all our products work seamlessly together to provide a unified and comprehensive development experience. Our API is designed to work seamlessly with the Starton Dashboard, which provides an intuitive and visual interface to oversee your NFT smart contracts. This makes NFT development easier to manage, especially for those who are new to the blockchain space. Even if you don't have a lot of coding experience, you can use the Starton Dashboard to kickstart your NFT project effectively before diving into the NFT API.

What makes Starton NFT API unique from other NFT tools?

The NFT API is the most complete suite of tools for NFT development and management. It was made to be the only tool needed for NFT projects. Moreover, our API supports all the main NFT chains in order to address most of web3 NFT development needs, so no worries if you want Polygon NFTs!

How can Starton NFT API benefit my project?

Starton's NFT API is a powerful tool for any project involving NFTs, such as games, ticketing systems, loyalty programs, or NFT drops. Bypass the complexity of managing NFT infrastructure and focus on building your project. The NFT API seamlessly integrates with other blockchain elements like tokens, wallets, or authentication through other Starton products, enhancing your entire blockchain development process. This means that you're not just getting an NFT solution, but also a comprehensive and efficient blockchain development experience.