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Why choose the Ethereum platform?

Largest community

With hundreds of thousands of developers, the Ethereum platform is the default blockchain to build dApps. The community offers support and resources for newcomers as well as experts building the future of blockchain technology.

Decentralized networks

By empowering individuals and promoting trust, the Ethereum ecosystem fosters the most transparent and censorship-resistant platform for you to build a wide range of applications.

Developer Ecosystem

With a broad adoption and a large user base, the ecosystem offers many tools and libraries for programming. The network is an open standard, enabling you to build with other platforms and tokens, which makes it super developer-friendly.

Why building with Starton?

Most reliable infrastructure

Real-Time insights on your dApps

Developer-Focused Tools and Services

Frequently asked questions on the Ethereum development

What can be built with Starton’s Ethereum API?

Ethereum is a Layer 1. With Starton, you can build ethereum dapps for your projects ranging from DeFi to Art. Either in gaming or user engagement, Starton Ethereum API has proven to be the most complete development framework.

Does Starton provide APIs for other chains?

Starton specializes in EVM blockchain networks such as Polygon, BNB Smart chain, Avalanche. Starton also supports Arbitrum and Polygon zkEVM.

New to building Web3 apps and confused where to start?

With an emphasis on community and support, you’re never alone when building on Ethereum with Starton. Our solution is built by developers for developers, so create your account and dive into the world of WEB3!