Blockchain monitoring made easy

Benefit from our all-in-one blockchain monitoring tool to track events on 4 different blockchains in real-time, from smart contracts to wallet monitoring. Everything has been made to help you make data-driven decisions.


Bnb chain



Monitor custom events on 4 different blockchains

Our blockchain monitoring software helps you create custom watchers to be notified of key events happening on monitored blockchains. Want to scale fast? Benefit from templated events you can add to your monitoring strategy.

Trigger actions based on key monitored events

Using webhooks, our blockchain monitoring service allows any applications to push data from blockchain networks. Helping business to ensure data flows correctly in an easy and simple way.

Blockchain monitoring made for real-time transactions

Our blockchain monitoring software allows you to trigger actions. With a state of the art notification system, get alerted and make the best decision to create a unique WEB3 experience in little to no-time.

Frequently asked questions

Blockchain monitoring consists of observing, tracking, and analysing activities within a blockchain network, such as transactions and smart contract executions.
Staying up-to-date with blockchains and making informed decisions relies on obtaining relevant insights. Our monitoring service meticulously examines each block across supported blockchains for continuous activity tracking.
Starton blockchain monitoring promotes transparency, reinforces security, and delivers real-time insights to optimize decision-making in blockchain networks. It enables you to query efficient and retrieve of relevant on-chain data, thus enhancing the user experience and enabling real-time insights for informed decision-making.