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ZK EVM Polygon

Frequently askEd questions

What types of smart contracts can I deploy with Starton's API?

With Starton API, you can deploy smart contracts on EVM-compatible networks. You can deploy your own contracts by importing bytecode, or you can use our wide collection of customizable contract templates, which includes common contract types such as ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, and many more.

How secure is the deployment process using Starton's API?

The security of your contracts is our top priority. Our smart contracts have been audited to ensure that your deployments are up to the challenge of decentralized networks. Checkout our github repository and our documentation to discover our smart contracts.

How can I manage smart contracts I deployed?

After deploying your smart contract using Starton's API, you can interact with it directly via the API, by calling functions and listening for events. This allows for a smooth transition from deployment to operation, all within the same platform. You can also find a list of your smart contracts on our web app and manage them directly with the graphical interface.