Relayer, the most powerful blockchain transaction manager

Our enterprise-grade blockchain transaction engine makes handling high-volume transactions a breeze to enhance your user experience. With Relayer, you'll save on gas fees and get real-time updates on your transaction status. Our WEB3 transaction manager will make your life easier.


Bnb chain



Blockchain transaction’s lifecycle managed for you

The Relayer is the heart of Starton regarding pre-chain management. It allows you to send a large number of transactions with peace of mind and handles all the complexity, assuring that your transactions will be on-chain as soon as possible.

Optimize blockchain transactions fees

Our blockchain transaction manager helps businesses reducing blockchain transaction fees by progressively increasing them up to your specified limit. Build a custom a strategy that best suits your requirements and gain insights into stuck transactions for seamless operations.

Follow your transaction at any time

Even if we handle a lot of events automatically for your transactions to be on-chain, sometimes problems happen. Get notifications when issues occur and have a better understanding thanks to extended logs before taking action.

Frequently asked questions

Blockchain fees, also known as gas fees, are calculated based on the complexity of a transaction or contract execution, measured in units of gas, and the gas price, denominated in a native cryptocurrency like Ether (ETH) for Ethereum, BNB for BNB Chain, Matic for Polygon...

A blockchain transaction is a digitally signed and cryptographically secure transfer of value or data between parties within a blockchain network, which gets recorded and verified by network nodes in a decentralized and immutable manner.

Starton relayer facilitates the process of sending transactions on a blockchain by handling issues such as lost transactions, nonce issues, and gas price management. It also provides real-time updates on the status of transactions and helps users define and compose their transactions. This save you time and money when developing your blockchain application.