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Frequently askEd questions

What's the difference between Starton Relayer and Ethers.js/web3.js?

If you are building pure DApps where your clients interacting with an EOA, you will probably use without any issues ethers and web3.js, but it is not the case when your backend should execute, scale and automatise transactions. With ethers if you are broadcasting transaction in parallel, you will proabably face a nonce issue. If there is transactions bottleneck on chain, you will probably face gas price issue. What about mempool storing only 64 transactions per signer wallet ? Starton's relayer ensure that if you have enough funds on your KMS, and all arguments of your transaction are valid, all broadcasts will be mined, following your strategy settings and without security concerns such as put a private key on your code.

Can the Relayer handle gasless transactions?

By supporting meta transactions by design, Starton smart contract templates enable your users to execute gasless transactions. The Relayer will then handle these complex interactions allowing you to pay gas fees for your users, resolving one of the main pain points of WEB3 onboarding.

Can Starton replace a node provider?

Starton as a whole offers a set of solutions for you to deploy and interact with smart contracts, monitor blockchain events, or even store your assets. Though Starton is capable to manage your blockchain infrastructure from end-to-end and replace your node provider, you can also consult the dedicated page or contact us to build the solution tailored to your use case.