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Benefits of Polygon zkEVM

Tamper-proof and immutable

Leverage zero-knowledge proofs on the Polygon ecosystem. Once generated and verified proofs are immutable, providing tamper-proof records.

Seamless EVM compatibility

Benefit from full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. From core features to programming languages, Polygon zkEVM replicates the EVM toolset. EVM-equivalent by nature, building on Polygon zkEVM enables you to migrate smart contracts and dApps without breaking changes.

Built for performance

Discover the fastest native bridge of the market. Polygon zkEVM has achieved incomparable speed for transactions and computations on the network. With fast finality, Polygon zkEVM is a good candidate for developers looking for a network with high performance.

Why we build on Polygon zkEVM

Better user experience

Most reliable infrastructure

Cost-effective network

How can I use Starton Polygon zkEVM API?

Automate smart contract and transactions with our Relayer

Send batches of transactions with peace of mind. The Relayer handles all the complexity, assuring that your transactions will be on-chain as soon as possible. With Starton's Relayer on Polygon zkevm set a strategy for your transaction management and ensure that your transactions get to the blockchain on your own terms. You’re one API call away from lower gas fees, and send 10 000 transactions per minute with complete peace of mind.

Frequently askEd questions

What can be built with Starton’s Polygon zkEVM API?

Offering unprecedented scalability, Polygon zkEVM API will fit any project that needs high volume of transactions in a short period of time. From Gaming to DeFi, all existing use cases apply. It also seems like it will enable users to unlock project related to supply chain needs.

Does Starton provide APIs for other chains?

Starton is a versatile platform that extends its support beyond just the Polygon zkEVM network. In fact, Starton provides compatibility and integration with an impressive range of 10 additional networks. Whether it's Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum or Avalanche, Starton ensures seamless connectivity and compatibility, allowing developers to expand their reach and tap into different user bases.

New to building Web3 apps and confused where to start?

Starton’s mission is to bring support and guidance to developers new to WEB3 like you. Within the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem, our platform is built to cater to your specific needs, offering a wide range of resources and tools to assist you on your development journey. With Starton, you gain access to a wealth of possibilities for building applications on the robust Polygon zkEVM protocol. Join us on this exciting journey and bring your vision to life with confidence on Polygon zkEVM.