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Benefits of Starton

Low gas fees

Benefit from the low gas price zksync has to offer. By batching multiple transactions together and executing them off-chain, the network provides minimal gas fees with no traffic congestion, making it the perfect network for application developers.

Fast transaction finality

Forget lengthy confirmation times Layer 1 blockchain offered. zkSync rollup design ensures that your transactions are validated and confirmed quickly. Provide the best experience to your users will appreciate the seamless and efficient experience provided by the zkSync ecosystem.


Experience a significant boost in scalability with zksync. By aggregating multiple transactions into a single rollup block, zksync reduces on-chain congestion substantially, enabling you to handle high transaction volumes without sacrificing performance. Scale your applications effortlessly and unlock new possibilities.

Starton’s competitive advantages

100% success transaction rate

Better user experience

Cost-effective network

What could you build on a zksync API?

Frequently askEd questions

What can be built with Starton API?

Starton API is the quickest way to integrate the blockchain into your app. Starton powers your project in wealth management, DeFi, investors and exchange tools, and more. With Starton launch your dApp in minutes.

Does Starton provide APIs for other chains?

With a focus on EVM blockchain networks, Starton supports blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche. Starton has also on-demand blockchains such as Arbitrum and Polygon zkEVM.

New to building Web3 apps and confused where to start?

At Starton, we recognize the value of support and guidance for developers like yourself in the ecosystem. We've designed our platform specifically to cater to developers’ needs, offering resources and tools to support you throughout your journey. By joining us, you'll gain access to a large number of possibilities for building applications on the Avalanche protocol. Let's embark on this discovery together and bring your vision to life on the blockchain.