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Your all-in one web3 API
for developers

By developers, for developers.
Everything you need to ship and scale applications.
Your one-stop shop to bridge WEB2 to WEB3.

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Arthur Guérin, Blockchain Tech Lead


When you have expertise and face immediate challenges, you truly understand why Starton is the solution.


Why us


projects built on Starton


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success rate on transaction mining

(0 transaction lost with Starton Relayer)


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Video games

Integrate WEB3 into your games

Discover new solutions to bring the value of blockchain to your games. Increase player engagement by cultivating asset ownership and achievement recognition. Focus on changing the game, leave the blockchain complexity to Starton.


Build innovative financial services

Create digital exchanges secured by blockchain technology. With Starton, even your highest volume of transactions are guaranteed to make it to the network, powering any of your DeFi application projects.


Create unique digital experiences

Choose only the best ecosystem for NFTs. EVM-compatible networks bear the majority of NFTs and digital assets. From uploading your assets to organizing Auction Sales, Starton provides you with the best user experience to bring NFTs to your application.

All features you need to build in one place

Build for dev. to scale

  • Starton is built by developers for developers. In order for you to save months of infrastructure development, we provide an API and SDKs you can use with your own codebase. You can start on our no-code interface to define your needs and copy the snippets equivalent directly for the dev mode. Consult errors and extended logs to help you understand what's going on in your application. Our ready-to-use products provide you with new ways to onboard WEB2 users on WEB3, maximizing your reach and community engagement.
  • Minimize gas cost by setting your transaction management strategy with the Relayer. Get rid of the gas price uncertainty and manage speed according to your needs.  Remove nonce management from your worries by implementing a replacement strategy as well. Get informed when your transactions are executed on-chain and retrieve the status in real-time.
  • Benefit from Starton Load Balancer to leverage all the most reliable RPC node providers with no additional cost. Our queue transaction system manages your blockchain interactions ensuring that none are lost due to providers' limitations.
  • You don't have to rely only on a single user alone. With Starton, you can invite your team and manage access rights your project so that you can share ressources and debug errors easily. Iterate together to ship faster.
  • With Starton Dashboard, visualize and track your usage and receive email notifications to inform you of your compute unit consumption. Set up your overage strategy to implement the most relevant strategy. Maximise cost efficiency and user experience. Get predictions for your current month usage for no surprises or extra cost.